OTC Drugs

Also known as Over-the-counter drugs, these medicines are also available at SafeCanada Pharmacy at the best price. As the name suggests, you don’t need any prescription for this kind of medication, and you can easily buy them over the counter of any physical medicine shop. You can buy such medicines from our online pharmacy easily. Just login in your account in the website, and find the medicine you are looking for. Choose the quantity and the variant and check out with your address and payment. SafeCanada Pharmacy as a hub of both branded and generic medicine provides you a huge collection of OTC drugs, that too in the cheapest price range. 

There is no mandate to provide the prescription for these non-prescription drugs. We sell the medicines directly to the customers without any query and check. You can be assured to get quality OTC medicines at a high discounted rate at SafeCanada Pharmacy. We assure the consumers of safe medicines anytime in the day. Our valuable delivery partners deliver your medicines at the doorstep without any extra charges. 

You can reach the wider collection of non-prescription drugs at our website through the menu option or simply from the search box. You can get the ones you need from our collection of antacid, allergy common among different age groups, common cold and flu, internal analgesics- related medicines and more. We are not limited to only skincare and pain relief medications in this section. You can get quality generic medicines in this section much cheaper than the normal price of the branded medicines. 

You can ensure of a huge save as you order OTC medicines from SafeCanada Pharmacy. You can also use the discount coupons extra beside the regular discounts we provide customers on every order. You just need to find the required medicine in our website and order it, we will deliver the order within 24 hours. Enjoy this seamless experience of purchasing medicine with us. 

SafeCanada is open 7 days a week and as an emergency service we tend to work 24X7. You can order anytime of the day and we will try to deliver within 24 hours without any extra charges after a certain amount in the order. You can be assured to get sure discounts on every purchase. We also promise to provide 10% discount on re-order of the same medicine. SafeCanada Prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else. We assure you of availability of all the required over-the-counter drugs at the best price in the market. 

Ordering Process

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