Entocort EC 3mg Capsules (Generic Equivalent) (Budesonide 3mg Capsules)

  • Manufacturer Sun Pharma
  • Generic Name Budesonide 3mg Capsules
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Budesonide is a prescribed drug available in two forms- oral and inhaler. In oral form, it is used to reduce the symptoms of certain bowel conditions (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis). As an Inhaler, it is used for the management of asthma, the treatment of various skin disorders, and allergic rhinitis. It belongs to the corticosteroid category of medicines. It is sold under the brand name Pulmicort/ Entocort/ Rhinocort. 

Which ailments does Budesonide help treat?

•    Crohn's disease

•    Ulcerative colitis

•    Asthma

•    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD) 

•    Skin disorders

•    Allergic rhinitis

What are the side effects?

•    Nausea

•    Heartburn

•    Headache

•    Cough

•    Sore throat or hoarseness 

•    Fever

•    Chills

•    Oral thrush or Yeast infection

•    Abnormal Vaginal discharge

•    Tiredness

•    Vision problems

•    Easy bruising/ bleeding

•    The unwanted hair growth pattern

•    Depression

•    Mood swings

•    Agitation

•    Muscle weakness

•    Paleness of skin

•    Thinning of skin

•    Slow wound healing

•    Skin Rash

•    Itching

•    Dizziness

•    Trouble breathing

Dosage of Medication

•    The drug is recommended to be taken once every day and is either ingested or inhaled. 9 mg orally once daily for up to 8 weeks and as an inhaler it needs to be taken as 0.5-1 mg daily in one or two divided doses. A low initial dose of 0.25 mg once a day may suffice in some of the individuals. 

•    Budesonide is used to prevent asthma but should not be used to treat an acute attack

•    Effects can be seen within 24 hours but for the maximum therapeutic benefit it needs to surpass 2-6 weeks

•    Dosage is variable as it is dependent upon age, weight and the severity of the ailment

•    Patients are advised to take the medication on a daily basis at regular interval of time so as to attain its maximum potential effects.

Warnings & Precautions

•    Patients allergic to any agent must inform their doctor before ingesting budesonide as it contains some of the active ingredients which may cause allergy

•    Complete past medical history is essential before prescribing this drug. In the case of prolonging on-going regime of corticosteroid, it is advised to carry a warning card or a medical Id bracelet that identifies the usage of this medication

•     Prolong use of corticosteroid medicine may affect the potency of the immune system to fight against infections. Therefore, it needs to be taken in a controlled amount

•    Beware of symptoms like tiredness, abrupt weight-loss, thyroid problems, vision-difficulty, high blood pressure, stomach infections, and ulcers, weakening of bones and muscle fatigue, bleeding problems, mood-changes such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis and do inform your doctor regarding the same

•    Avoid vaccination or immunization during the on-going course of Budesonide. Stay away from people who have taken any sort of live vaccine

•    During pregnancy, this drug should be used only when absolutely needed. Babies born to mother on prolonging corticosteroid may develop hormonal problems 

How it helps in the treatment?

Budesonide is a locally acting corticosteroid but more effective in contrast to other subclasses. It is an agonist of glucocorticosteroid receptor. It controls the pace of protein synthesis, suppresses the migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and fibroblasts, controls inflammation via reverse capillary permeability and has weak mineralocorticoid action. 

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