Trental 400mg Tablet (Name-Brand) (Pentoxifylline)

  • Manufacturer Sanofi India Ltd
  • Generic Name Pentoxifylline
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Generic Name- Pentoxifylline


Trental 400mg Tablet is the manufacturing drug of Sanofi India Ltd. This 4-star medicine is available in 400 mg doses in multiple quantities. The drug is commonly called by its generic name- Pentoxifylline among the medical personnel. In our Safe Canada e-pharmacy shop, the drug can be purchased with a physician's prescription.

What are the uses of Trental 400mg Tablet (Name-Brand)?
Doctors prescribe the Trental 400mg Tablet in the treatment of specific blood flow ailments. It helps in improving the blood flow ailments in the arms or legs. It is also effective in decreasing muscle pain, cramps. The drug comes under the 'Hemorrheologic agents' drug category. Pentoxifylline increases the oxygen level that is delivered via blood when the muscles need it.
What are the dosage and direction of Trental 400mg Tablet (Name-Brand)?
Trental 400mg tablet is an oral tablet, generally recommended taking trice in a day, or you can follow the doses that the doctor has been prescribed. It would help if you did not crush or chew the medicine as this leads to the release of the drug once, which can increase the ill after-effects. The medicine dose varies from person to person as certain factors (age, medical condition, etc.) need to be considered while prescribing the dose. Overdosing or decreasing the dose is strictly prohibited as it may increase the chances of side effects or lower down drug's effectiveness. Additionally, skipping the medication can affect its efficacy badly, so you have to take it on a daily basis or as per the physician's instruction.

What precautions should I take when taking Trental 400mg Tablet (Name-Brand)?
People should be cautious if they are hypersensitive to Pentoxifylline or the other compounds of the Trental 400mg tablet. You must inform any kind of allergic reaction that you have with the drug compositions. Patients who have a prior or recent medical condition of kidney ailment, stomach ulcer, stroke, liver disease, etc., must be more careful during this medication, and we recommend informing the doctor about these diseases. The drug can be why you feel fatigued; since cannabis or alcohol consumption must be stopped, the continuation of consuming cannabis or alcohol can make the side effect more severe. Plus, since it's anti-coagulating medicine, anyone undergoing surgery must inform the respective doctor or dentist about it. The drug should only be consumed during pregnancy if only the doctor prescribes it. Additionally, the active compound transfers via breast milk, so a consultation is mandatory to identify the possible risk on infants before breastfeeding.

What are the contraindications of Trental 400mg Tablet (Name-Brand)?
Pentoxifylline medication has no severe side effects, but some patients have reported having mild, temporary symptoms such as-

• Belching.
• Pukish feeling.
• Lightheadedness.
• Specific allergies like itching, rashes.
• Breathing problem.
• Swelling or itching in the face, throat or tongue.

The symptoms don't persist for an extended period, and their intensity is mild; however, if you find it lasts for a prolonged period, you must visit the physician to discuss whether you should continue the medicine or not.

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