Plavix 75mg (Clopidogrel) - Generic Equivalent (Clopidogrel)

  • Manufacturer Cipla Limited
  • Generic Name Clopidogrel
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Generic Name- Clopidogrel


Clopidogrel, or the brand name Plavix 75mg, is a product of Cipla Limited, India's one of the most reputable pharmaceuticals. The drug has received 4-star, popularly known with its generic name Cipla Limited. You can obtain the medicine from our digital medical shop in 75 mg doses in various quantities (Pills- 30, 60, 90, 120,150, and soon) with a valid prescription.

What are the uses of Plavix 75mg (Clopidogrel) - Generic Equivalent?
The Plavix 75mg comprises the primary compound Clopidogrel, which is commonly used in preventing stroke and heart attack. The medicine is given to those having heart ailment or blood circulation disease. The drug is also provided in combination with aspirin in the treatment of chest pain. Plavix 75mg with aspirin helps widen the blood-vessels and prevent blood clots after specific heart procedures. This antiplatelet medicine stimulates the smooth blood flow by preventing the platelets from sticking with each other. It is effective in smooth blood flow in all body parts.

What are the dosage and direction of Plavix 75mg (Clopidogrel) - Generic Equivalent?
Plavix 75mg is generally taken orally; to get more knowledge; you're suggested to visit a doctor or check the instruction leaflet of the medicine. It can be consumed with or without food as follows as the doctor prescribes. We want to advise you not to drink grapefruit or juice of this particular fruit, due to specific compounds in grapefruit can increase the side effects risk. Plus, overdosing can be harmful, so always maintain the dose that your doctor prescribed.
What precautions should I take when taking Plavix 75mg (Clopidogrel) - Generic Equivalent?
Patients undergoing Plavix 75mg medication need to be careful about-

• If you've hypersensitivity with Clopidogrel compound or similar anti-platelets medicine, inform the physician about it before starting the course.
• People with certain medical conditions like liver ailment, stomach ulcer, bleeding disease (Hemophilia) need to be more careful, and they should consult doctors about it. Along with, if you have a recent surgery, inform the doctor about this matter.
• The main compound Clopidogrel rarely has a tendency to cause stomach bleeding since those who consume alcohol should limit it. Alcohol consumption must be stopped as it increases the risk of stomach bleeding.
• Pregnant women shouldn't start taking medicine without a doctor's recommendation.
• Breastfeeders should consult with physicians about the risk of harm in infants.

Additionally, the drug's function is preventing blood clotting, since if you need urgent surgery, tell the respective surgeon or dentist about this medicine.

What are the contraindications of Plavix 75mg (Clopidogrel) - Generic Equivalent?
While taking Plavix 75 mg, you may experience some side effects; however, several patients having this medication do not show any severe reactions. The most common reactions are-

• Abdominal pain.
• Black stool.
• Energylessness.
• Swelling on tongue, throat, or face.
• Lightheadedness.
• Breathing problem.
• Headache.

Besides these above after effects, on rare occasions, Clopidogrel may show severe skin paleness, vision problems, yellowing eyes, skin rashes, fast heartbeat, etc. In case you go through these mentioned symptoms, you're advised to consult with a physician. Moreover, if you feel the common reactions turn worse, consultation with physicians is recommended.

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