Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a Prescription?

    If you are ordering some prescription drugs online from Safe Canada pharmacy, you definitely need to upload the doctor’s prescription. As some drugs are very powerful and can become fatal if used on a wrong person, we don’t sell products without original and valid prescription. You can email or send us by any means the copy of the prescription written in English.

  • How much medication can you supply at once?

    We can supply medicines for at least 3 months at once. But if you require more refill, you can contact us again as we keep the patients’ profile for such regular and chronic cases. Our contracted pharmacies provide you all the medicines once for 3 months at your doorstep.

  • How long do we need to wait for the order to be received?

    After your prescription reaches us, it takes 3-4 days for shipping the prescription drugs and it takes more 8-10 working days to reach your doorstep. OTC drug orders are shipped within 1-2 days after your order is received online.

  • What if I need to refund my order?

    If you are not satisfied with your medicines, we have delivered you, you can call us within 30 days of receiving the order to share your experience and inform us what is wrong with the delivery that you are not satisfied with. Once you are eligible to make a valid point, we will initiate the reimbursement following our refund policy.

  • What to do if am having a problem with my order?

    We have an option of live chat on our website and mobile app. You just need to click the button and share your concern. You will get all the possible answers from there only. Otherwise, you can call us on our customer care number or email us and we will contact you immediately to help you in the matter as soon as possible.

  • Do you dispense controlled medicine?

    No, we don’t sell or deal with medicines that have a ‘X’ marking. We don’t even ship products related to narcotic, tranquilizers, and opiate-containing substances. Safe Canada Pharmacy have definite policies on disagreeing of shipping and selling such medicines.

Ordering Process

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  • 2. Add to Cart
  • 3. Checkout
  • 4. Fill your Details
  • 5. Complete Purchase