Glyxambi Tablet - Generic Equivalent (Empagliflozin+Linagliptin)

  • Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Generic Name Empagliflozin+Linagliptin
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Do you know that untreated diabetes can cause various health issues? Around 20% of the patients develop heart diseases, eye problems, etc. from long-term diabetes. So, it is important to treat the disease as soon as possible. The Glyxambi tablet works wonderfully in treating this disease. For further information, please use our email id of or phone number of 1800-626-1035.

Chemical name- Empagliflozin + Linagliptin

Manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceuticals limited, the Glyxambi Tablet is pretty popular for treating different types of diabetes. The medicine has been categorized as a prescription drug for its powerful composition. Doctors term this anti-diabetic medicine by Empagliflozin. Some healthcare professionals prefer calling this tablet with its another chemical name of Linagliptin. At our safe Canada pharmacy store, we sell anti-diabetic tablets in form of 10 mg/ 5 mg and 25 mg/ 5 mg. If you want to save some bucks in medicine shopping, always order in bulk. 

What are the uses of Glyxambi Tablet - Generic Equivalent?
The Glyxambi tablet is mainly used for the treatment of blood sugar or diabetes. It checks the fluctuating blood sugar level in the body of patients. The medicine helps you to keep kidney diseases, heart failure, strokes, etc. at bay. The doctors often recommend this powerful medicine for the treatment of blindness and nerve-related issues. The Glyxambi tablet shows its result best for type 2 diabetes. Sometimes, diabetes leads to some sexual problems as well. The Glyxambi tablet will help you to get rid of all those health hazards.
What are the dosage and direction of Glyxambi Tablet - Generic Equivalent?
The Glyxambi tablet should be consumed during the morning hours. Preferably, it should be taken right after your breakfast. While undergoing the course of Glyxambi tablet, you should drink at least 3 liters of water daily and focus on having a proper diet. You should also exercise every now and then to ensure the best performance of the Glyxambi tablet on your body. You should not crush or chew the Glyxambi tablet at all.
What precautions should I take when taking Glyxambi Tablet - Generic Equivalent?
Are you allergic to Empagliflozin or Linagliptin? If you are, medicine is not at all the right choice for you. This anti-diabetic tablet should not be taken with any blood thinner. During pregnancy, the medicine should be avoided completely. Those who are already suffering from critical diseases should not take the medicine without the permission of their doctor. We ask the cancer patients, liver patients, and heart patients to stay away from the Glyxambi tablet.
What are the contraindications of Glyxambi Tablet - Generic Equivalent?
The side effects of the Glyxambi tablets are not that serious. The side effects of Glyxambi tablets will go away before you even know about them.
• There can be urinary tract infection, dark urine, lack of urine, etc. due to the Glyxambi tablet.
• Some patients experience common cold symptoms as well.
• Also, there can be joint pain, muscle pain, etc.
• Patients complain about constant physical discomfort and weakness.
• In rare cases, there can be respiratory tract infections.
Don't worry about these side effects. Just read this section to learn about the side effects for knowledge purposes. Purchase the medicine from our online drug store for both young and adults. Order immediately to grab our discounts.

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