Combivent Inhaler (Generic Equivalent) (Ipratropium+Levosalbutamol)

  • Manufacturer Cipla Limited
  • Generic Name Ipratropium+Levosalbutamol
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Generic Name- Ipratropium+Levosalbutamol


The manufacturer of Combivent Inhaler is India's renowned pharma company Cipla LTD. The drug has been rated with 4 stars and is popularly known with its generic name in the medical staff. You can purchase a dose of 20/ 50 MCG- 200 MDI at our online pharma story in up to 10 inhalers at once. Purchasing requests are processed only after showing a valid prescription. 


What are the uses of Combivent Inhaler (Generic Equivalent)?
The purpose behind the Combivent Inhaler prescription is to treat patients having COPD (Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease). The inhaler has two primary compounds- Ipratropium and Levosalbutamol. Ipratropium has excellent effects on preventing and controlling lung diseases like COPD. It relaxes the air-passage muscles to broaden the path and ease the breathing issue. Levosalbutamol Beta-agonists group medicine; it also relaxes the air passage muscles for making breathing easier.
What are the dosage and direction of Combivent Inhaler (Generic Equivalent)?
Using is mandatory by following physicians directions or the instruction given on the medicine leaflets. The inhaler can be taken with the recommended doses; overdoses can cause the common symptoms severe. Follow the instructions given by the doctor for how many times you should use it daily. Continuation is needed for getting effective results. While taking medicine, try to avoid eye contact with drug compounds, as it could cause temporary blurry vision, eye irritation, etc. This inhaler must be consumed with dry mouth, and after that, rinsing the mouth with water is mandatory for avoiding any unnecessary reaction. Do not wash the inhaler device or take medicine apart from the device.

What precautions should I take when taking Combivent Inhaler (Generic Equivalent)?
Patients who are hypersensitive to Ipratropium or Levosalbutamol first need to consult their doctor about the allergies (it can be anything). Patients with a special medical history consisting of angle closure type glaucoma, enlarged prostate glands, hypertension, irregular heartbeats, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, etc., are advised to inform the condition precisely before starting it. Combivent Inhaler has a compound, Ipratropium, that is reported to show side effects like dizziness; therefore, consuming alcohol or cannabis during this medication make you have severe lightheadedness; thus, it's not recommended to take both at a time. Due to dizziness symptoms, you are advised to drive or use a heavy machine (if you use it) after feeling normal. Elder patients must be more cautious because of constipation symptoms and dizziness. Plus, if you are going to have surgery, tell your physician about this medication. For pregnant women or those who are planning to be pregnant, doctor consultation is mandatory. Breastfeeders must visit a doctor and take a suggestion before starting Combivent Inhaler.
What are the contraindications of Combivent Inhaler (Generic Equivalent)?
People who are going through under this drug often shows-

• Temporary stomach problem.
• Constipation.
• Mental disturbance (Anxiety, nervousness).
• Lightheadedness.
• Pukish feeling.
• Dry mouth.
• Blurred vision.
• Certain allergies on the skin such as rashes, itchiness.
• Cough.
• Leg cramps.

These side effects are frequently reported to be felt after taking this medicine, although these are temporary and rarely become severe. However, if you have a serious breathing problem or painful urination, you are suggested for consultation. Besides, suppose you are feeling any symptoms are becoming serious, kindly visit a doctor.

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