Crestor Tablet - Brand (Rosuvastatin)

  • Manufacturer AstraZeneca
  • Generic Name Rosuvastatin
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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A bad cholesterol can make your life a living hell. So, it is urgent to get rid of such cholesterol problems as soon as possible. For this, there is no better drug in the market than the Crestor tablet. Our store features plenty of Crestor tablets. For bulk order either mail us at or contact us via 1800-626-1035.

Generic name- Rosuvastatin

This Crestor tablet is relatively cheaper than other generic equivalent Crestor tablets. The customers have rated the Crestor tablet 4 stars out of five. The medicine was manufactured by a leading pharmaceutical named AstraZeneca. The medicine is available in our online store in a white and skyblue box. In our store, the Crestor drug is found in form of 10 mg tablet and 20 mg tablet. The medical associations have declared the drug as a prescription drug due to its powerful compositions.

What are the uses of Crestor Tablet - Brand?
The Crestor tablet reduces the level of bad cholesterol in human blood. The Crestor tablet belongs to the Statin category of drug. The medicine keeps the heart diseases and liver problems at bay. In the market, you will find this Crestor medicine in form of tablet and capsule. Apart from reducing the amount of cholesterol, the medicine can decrease other fatty components in your blood as well.

What are the dosage and direction of Crestor Tablet - Brand?
Well, the Crestor tablet is pretty strong in nature. So, you need to maintain a regularity with this Crestor tablet. There should not be any case of missed dose or overdose with this Crestor tablet. The Crestor medicine is manufactured only for oral uses. You can swallow the tablet with some water or with meal. But, it is preferable to consume the medicine post meal. Always follow the instructed dosage of the prescription. After all, doctors consider your prior medical condition before prescribing those dosages.

What precautions should I take when taking Crestor Tablet - Brand?
The Crestor tablet is not ideal for pregnant women and lactating mothers. The medicine should be kept away from children and teenagers. It can be pretty harmful for them. If you are taking any blood thinner, consult with your doctor prior taking the Crestor medicine. If the tablet is not taken under supervision of any doctor, it can damage your liver and kidney further. So, we suggest the kidney and liver patients to stay away from the Crestor tablet altogether.
What are the contraindications of Crestor Tablet - Brand?
There are some mild medicinal side effects for the Crestor tablet. This Crestor tablet is pretty powerful in nature. If the side effects persist more than three days, please go to see a doctor immediately. Let’s know about the side effects of the crestor tablet in the below points.
• Nause, vomiting, appetite loss. Stomach pain etc. can be there.
• Fever, muscle pain, weakness and other physical discomforts are also common Crestor side effects.
• The crestor tablet decreases the amount of urine in human body. It results in dark urine as well.
• Many patients complain about unusual tiredness, tenderness etc.
Now that, you have a clear idea about all the uses and side effects of Crestor tablet, you can consider placing order for this medication. It will control cholesterol level of your body within a week.

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