Intermittent claudication & Anti-Coagulant

The pain is triggered by a insufficient blood flow through the legs (triggered by shortened or entirely blocked arteries) to provide the functioning muscles with oxygen. Intermittent implies where the suffering has come and went. The most common sign of PAD (Peripheral artery disease) is persistent claudication. Around one-third to half of PAD sufferers have this sign. Atherosclerosis is an artery condition, in which fatty particles obstruct blood flow. This can trigger intermittent claudication as exercise is added to cramping pain in the legs, and rest is eased. Such fatty deposits may also induce extreme blockages that contribute to heart problems and amputation needs (surgical removal of the limb). Anticoagulants, such as heparin or warfarin, are medications that reduce coagulation, which may benefit patients with intermittent claudication.


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