HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is the hormone that helps to treat infertility both in men and women. It can be considered one of the stimulating hormones to accelerate the sexual activities among men and women as it helps to treat infertility among women and increases the sperm count in men. 

Other Benefits

Several sectors HCG works on 

The hormone also works for proper ovulation. The normal development of the egg in an ovary of a woman gets supported by HCG and also it stimulates the egg releasing process at the time of ovulation. HCG can also be used to treat late puberty among young boys. 

The HCG hormone is also named as ‘Pregnancy hormone’ as you can get to know about your pregnancy with the HCG level in your blood and urine. In men, low levels of testosterone can cause several side effects, especially inability in producing normal sperm count. The condition can be named as hypogonadism and HCG is useful in treating such conditions. The hormone tries to increase the low level of testosterone among men for better outcomes. 

Relation with sex hormones 

Two common sex hormones are estrogen and testosterone. Both help in normal sexual activities among men and women and the absence or lower amount of any of these two can affect the sexual life of people irrespective of their gender. In medical science it has been proven that after the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is pushed into the human bodies the level of both these hormones increases and work in the benefit of the person as per their requirement. 

Testosterone gets produced in the testes and estrogen within the ovary and they both are quite important factors for the reproductive system. Doctors prescribe the hormone medicine checking all the facts and figures and considering your requirement. Intake of HCG in the proper amount will make you pass through such problems in sexual intimacy. Mostly, doctors suggest the hormone in an injection format for easy and seamless recovery. You should not use the medication without the doctor's suggestion. 

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