Female infertility

Women unable to get pregnant after at least one year of trying or 6 months for the women above 35 can be considered as infertility and this need proper diagnosis and can be treated medically. Sometimes, women continue to have miscarriages, and that also is considered as infertility to some extent.  A list of reasons can be behind this condition and you need to consult a doctor before reaching any conclusion. Your treatment process will be dependent on the cause of your infertility and its situation. Sometimes, some conditions in women are hard to diagnose but this condition needs treatment and patience from your side.

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Factors behind female infertility

There can be multiple reasons that have affected your condition of getting pregnant and you must know about them clearly before approaching the doctor. Besides your age, lifestyle, health and hormonal issues, other factors can also be responsible for the condition.

  • The process of ovulation where the ovary is capable of releasing the egg is crucial for pregnancy. Women may need medical help for this process to happen successfully. 

  • You need to know the time period when you are most fertile and you need to have regular sexual intercourse at that period of time to get pregnant. 

  • Your fallopian tubes must be working in the desired way as the eggs and sperms meet here to get the process going. You also need a working uterus to get successfully pregnant. 


The condition of women infertility can have many reasons and so is the number of medications that are available to treat such conditions from root. You must consult the doctor and inform them of the symptoms to get the best diagnosis and treatment at the same time. 

It depends on your condition and how long the treatment and therapy you require. Some female get treated in some two-three sessions and some require to attend the therapies for years. You have to keep patience and continue the treatment for a better outcome.

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