Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where the male faces difficulties to take part in a sexual activity. People feel shy to share such problems with a doctor but this is a complete health situation and you must share this with your doctor freely for the remedy. The problem in erectile dysfunction is the man cannot get an erection and if he gets, he cannot hold it for long and so participation in sexual activities such as intercourse becomes much lower leading to unhappy married life. This condition is not at all usual and you have plenty of ways to resolve this situation.


Reasons behind erectile dysfunction

To recover from the condition, you need to know the real reason behind it. The condition can happen due to the following reasons- 

 1. If the blood supply to the penis is low and affected due to some reasons. 

 2. If your nerves in the penis is not working properly such impotency can occur. 

 3. You may not get an erection due to some emotional reason or for some pain 

 4. This can be an early symptom of severe health issues like cardiac arrest, increased blood pressure, accelerated diabetic blood pressure, or other due to swollen arteries. 


You should contact your doctor immediately and share the problem in detail to start the medication at the right time to avoid severe situations. Different kinds of drugs can be useful in treating the conditions but you have to be careful about your other health issues as they must not get elevated with these drugs.


What can help to treat the ED?

Besides doctor’s suggestions and hormonal medicines, you also need to maintain your lifestyle as well as get some time with your family to minimize the stress out of your life. Meditation on a regular schedule or some exercise can help you in this. For emotional issues, you can go for some therapy sessions to get out of these conditions. 

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