Asthma is a common inflammatory disease in which the airways to your longs become narrower and might produce extra mucus at times. When you don’t treat this condition for a long time, it can cause several damages such as trouble breathing, constant coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath with even a small movement. According to the degree of your condition, the treatment to the disease matters. In Asthma, some people stay completely normal and it is just a nuisance, for others it is an obstruction to their normal regular life as they suffer seriously. It is proven that asthma cannot be cured but you can control the symptoms. The levels continue to change and so should be the medications.

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How you would know that you have asthma?

Besides the above-mentioned regular symptoms, the wheezing or coughing can get accelerated when a flu or cold attacks the situation. As the situation continue to persist within the patient further it can bring situations like- 

You have to check frequently whether your lungs is working rightly or not. 

Your inhaler is also not working very effectively

Wheezing and coughing have gone past all the levels of tolerance. 

Some people have allergy to some specific products from which the asthma attack set in. For others it can be the weather or the professional condition lie using chemicals and all that can accelerate the condition to worsening. 


You should not avoid the symptoms and let is rise even more. You need to take medicine after proper check-up from expert physicians. Every single patient have different need. Doctors prescribe the doses keeping these requirements in mind. Commonly doctor suggests two kinds of medication for treating asthma. The salbutamol medicines are aimed to treat the symptoms that cause severe trouble to the patients whereas, doctors prescribe steroids to prevent the symptoms to grow larger.


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