Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that revolves around memory and behavioural problems. But the most critical part with this disease is that it is quite hard to identify the condition among the patients as the person suffering fails to interpret the symptoms. Doctors prefer testing the neurological health of the patients to get some idea about their condition. You can experience some common symptoms and they generally intensify with time. At a point of time, the symptoms affect your personal life and the regular activities. It is a condition where dementia worsens. It is a chronic disease that starts with moderate memory loss and over the years grows at a rate where you cannot communicate with others and adapt to your surroundings.

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How to treat the condition?

Once the person starts getting symptoms like serious memory loss, problems while learning, unable to judge, inability to communicate and trouble in leading their regular life normally, the Alzheimers has reached a high level. You cannot reverse the situation from which the person is suffering. But you can prevent the situation from getting worse. For some people, the symptoms can become slightly better. All this is possible with the use of proper medication. 

You need to consult the doctor from very early stages when the signs are indicating potentials of such a condition. When medication starts from an early stage, you can control the situation to get out of control. Depending on your age, health condition, intensity of the condition and preferable medication procedure; doctors prescribe the medication. 


Different groups of medicines are used to prevent and treat different aspects of the conditions. Some are used to treat the condition from the brain itself. Others try to control the breakdown of certain chemicals in the brain to make the patient able to hold on for longer. You may get some side effects initially after the medications are used. You should not worry as all these medications and therapies are medically proven and approved. 

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