Acne is one of frequent inflammatory chronic skin conditions that affects the skin at back, face, shoulder, chest, upper and lower arms. You can get acne in different formats like whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, nodules, and more. Most importantly the skin gets affected and the marks remain almost throughout the life. This condition is common among the teenage population, young adults, especially men. But you can find acne in almost every one once in a while. In this condition, the hair follicles connect with the oil on the skin along with dead skin cells, and the skin receives this painful experience.

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How to treat the condition?

The worst part is acne are recurring. One will get treated and the other will come up just beside the place making the situation worse. If you are trying over-the-counter drugs for some time and there is no such improvement, you must consult a specialized doctor and start using prescription drugs for treating the condition. Experts have mentioned that, longer suffering from acne can cause psychological conditions too. 

Prescription drugs treating acne ensures that you don’t get new acnes along with healing your skin and also make sure that no other skin issues are bothering you. The medication work in reducing the oil production and also the swelling caused due to bacterial infection. But you have to be patient enough as the medicine take almost a year to work on your acne. You cannot see any changes for the first 4-8 weeks. It will start working after that. The intensity and the regimen of the treatment can be different depending on your condition and the age. 

Along with oral medicine, you may also need to use other medicines like cream or gels that you will need to use on your acne after washing your face with doctor’s prescribed soap. The most common medication doctors prescribe to control and treat the acnes are antibiotics and retinoids. They work on the acne from inside and become effective with regular use and maintenance. 


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