Pradaxa Capsules - Brand (Dabigatran Etexilate)

  • Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Generic Name Dabigatran Etexilate
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Scientific Name – Dabigatran Etexilate

Here is the tablet of the anticoagulant genre and it can help in treating the risk of stroke caused due to sudden blood clotting in individuals suffering from irregular heartbeat. The kind of disorder is known as atrial fibrillation. The Pradaxa Capsule is highly beneficial if you are suffering from heart valve problem. One can highly take to this drug after the surgery of hip replacement. At the time you have the deep vein blood clot known as vein thrombosis in short known as DVT. Intake of the medicine in time will help relieve the condition in time. 

What are the uses of Pradaxa Capsules - Brand?
The main purpose of Pradaxa Capsules is to help in the prevention of human heart failure. It is also the right drug to help soothe the condition of deep blood clotting. The medicine can work magic in treating the blood clot in the veins of your leg and the condition is called deep vein thrombosis. It can even cure blood clotting in the lungs known as pulmonary embolism. The medicine is anticoagulant and it works perfectly with the blocking of certain substances which is the clotting protein known as thrombin as part of the blood flow.
What are the dosage and direction of Pradaxa Capsules - Brand?
Before you are all set to try the medicine you should take the help of the medication guide and to know more you can even go through the patient information leaflet that you can easily get from the pharmacist before you start having the pill systematically. Each time you get the refill you have specific things to ask the doctor or the pharmacist to have the right knowledge about the medicine. In most cases, the doctor will recommend you to take the medicine once daily. It is vital that you follow the drug-taking schedule religiously to help avoid the adversities in time.
What precautions should I take when taking Pradaxa Capsules - Brand?
The action of Pradaxa Capsules will help you play with the best of ease. After having the medicine if you have problems of bleeding gums and nose bleeding or a continuous menstrual period it is important that you consult the physician at the earliest. The faulty intake of the medicine can cause atypical vaginal bleeding and you can even trace blood in your urine. It is important that you take help of the physician to have the right intake of the drug to avoid unnecessary bleeding episodes.
What are the contraindications of Pradaxa Capsules - Brand?
It is alarming if you are allergic to the intake of Pradaxa Capsules. As part of the adverse effects, you can have pain or tightening of the heart with some of the most common ill symptoms.

• You can have an unstoppable bleeding condition
• You can suffer from the feeling of weakness and dizziness
• You can develop easy bruising and bleeding of the gums and nose
• One can trace blood in the stool or urine
• When coughing you can notice blood mucus and if you vomit it looks like coffee grounds
• The urine may turn brown or pink in color with the rest of the adversities
You must consult your physician – if any of these symptoms occur and then keeps in affecting your life.

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