Inderal Tablet (Brand) (Propranolol)

  • Manufacturer Abbott Healthcare
  • Generic Name Propranolol
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Scientific Name - Propranolol

The medicine of Inderal Tablet is the right option to help reduce the state of anxiety in humans. It can take care of trembling and it is also the right medicine to help prevent migraine and rest of the physiological adversities. The medicine can help cure pain in the chest and it can even stop unnecessary stomach bleeding. It is the condition caused in the liver due to high blood pressure. The name of the condition is called portal hypertension. 



What are the uses of Inderal Tablet (Brand)?
The Inderal Tablet is used in the obvious treatment of high blood pressure and the condition of arrhythmia or abnormal heart beat. It is the best medicine use for the reason of curing angina and can even help rectify circulatory disturbances. The medicine is used for the right prevention of heart attack and it can even help in reducing the severity and acuteness of typical migraine. You can use the medicine along and it bis also possible to use Inderal Tablet in combination with the rest of the drugs.

What are the dosage and direction of Inderal Tablet (Brand)?
The dose of Inderal Tablet depends on the nature of the illness for which it is used. Te dosage will also help in determining how you will react to the drug. The medicine should be consumed as directed by the physician. It is recommended to have Inderal Tablet in empty stomach and the effectiveness of the drug depends on the time of the day when it is taken. Once you start having the feeling of wellness you must never stop having an intake of Inderal Tablet.

You must avoid having the drug with stuffs like high fat diets like olive oil, nuts, brazil nuts, butter, dark chocolate and meat.

What precautions should I take when taking Inderal Tablet (Brand)?
It is not right to have alcohol consumption at the time of having an intake of Inderal Tablet. it can make you feel greater drowsy and can cause accidents. Moreover, the intake of the drug is not right at the time of pregnancy. The medicine can have adverse effects on the developing fetus. The drug is even not suitable for the lactating mothers. The content of the medicine can get mixed with the mother’s milk which is not right for the baby. It is also not the right drug for patients suffering from kidney and liver troubles.
What are the contraindications of Inderal Tablet (Brand)?
The immediate side effects of the medicine include swelling of the lips, face, throat and tongue. Once you start having the medicine you can have sudden problem in breathing.
• The heartbeats can become uneven and slow
• There is the feeling of light headedness and you feel like dying at any moment
• You suffer from shortness of breath even when your exertion level ids low.
• You suddenly start feeling weak and you even have chances to suffer from liver illness.
• Wrong intake of the drug can cause depression,, hallucinations and confusions
• You may even suffer from cold feeling of the feet and hand

You will soon find such symptoms fading away after regular use of the medicine.

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