Calan - Generic tablets (Verapamil)

  • Manufacturer Abbott Health Care
  • Generic Name Verapamil
  • Rx Requirement Prescription Required
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Chemical name- Verapamil

Verapamil is a useful generic medicine that doctors prescribe in different branded forms to patients suffering from hypertension, angina, and different issues related to heart rhythm. Verapamil belongs to different classes of drugs such as calcium channel blockers, antidysrhythmic, non-dihydropyridine, and more. It is available in a different brand name, but Calan is the most popular one, and you can get both the branded and generic versions at SafeCanada Pharmacy. It controls the heart rate if you are experiencing irregular heartbeat regularly. This medication can also affect your ability to exercise depending on your heart condition and chest pain. 

What are the uses of Calan - Generic tablets?
Doctors prescribe Calan to different patients suffering from multiple conditions like high blood pressure or hypertension, chest pain or angina, and irregular heartbeats. This medicine also reduces the chances of heart attacks and kidney disorders. It ensures that you get low angina attacks comparatively and you can exercise in spite of taking medicines or hypertension. It is available both in tablet and injection forms. Doctors prescribe the dose and variety as per the requirement of the patient. You can surely feel more comfortable after taking this medication, as the muscles of blood vessels get relaxed and so the blood flow smoothly. This leads to a lower heart rate level into normalcy.
What are the dosage and direction of Calan - Generic tablets?
Follow the doctor’s instructions to take the medicine in the best possible way for better results.
• Take Calan orally 3 to 4 times a day with or without food or as prescribed by your doctor.
• Your regular dosage is based on your current condition and the way the medicine is interacting in your body.
• You have to be patient enough as the medicine you take will take some time to work on your body.
• Take the medicine regularly as prescribed for lowering the chance of chest pain effectively. But this is not suitable for sudden angina attacks.
• Even if you feel better, don’t stop the course of medicine midway without consulting the doctor.
• The medicine is useful for children as well.

What precautions should I take when taking Calan - Generic tablets?
You need to be careful about taking a new medicine, as a slight ignorance can cause you massive.
• Inform your doctor if you are allergic to Verapamil.
• Share your medical history and the medicine you take regularly to the doctor.
• The medicine can make you dizzy, so refrain from taking alcohol or marijuana.
• You must not try to drive or work with some heavy machinery once you take the medicine for safety.

What are the contraindications of Calan - Generic tablets?
You will have to face some of the side effects while your body will adjust to the medication. Some of the common side effects are-
• Slow or irregular heartbeat
• Tiredness
• Headache
• Constipation
These should get normalized with a few days, but if they don’t consult your doctor as soon as possible. The medicine may cause serious side effects that you may not have predicted. So, make sure to contact the doctor, if you can feel symptoms of heart failure and fainting.

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