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What To Look For When Choosing Birth Control Pills

What To Look For When Choosing Birth Control Pills

If you’re thinking about taking medicines for birth control, you aren’t the only one. However, you’re one of the few wise enough to try to seek information about the subject first. At the moment, birth control pills are some of the most recognized and widely used contraceptives. After all, they’re highly effective and extremely easy to use. However, if you try to Buy Birth Control Drugs Online or offline, you’ll find numerous products. How will you know which one is perfect for you?

The types when it comes to birth control tablets, there are two variants you should know about.

  • Combination: The combination birth control pill contains both progestin and estrogen. You’ll find a massive variety of combination birth control medicines in the market. You must choose one based on the period frequency you want and the hormone dose that suits you.
  • Minipill: The minipill is the second type of birth control drug that contains only one hormone – progestin. Compared to combination pills, there aren’t many variations of minipills for you to explore and select from. Every pack of this drug will have tablets containing the same amount of progestin, and all the pills will be active. Also, the progestin content in a minipill will be lower than in a combination tablet.

Combination pill types

Combination birth control tablets are available in various mixtures of active and inactive pills. You will have to select a product based on how often you expect to have periods.

  • Conventional: Conventional packs of birth control drugs usually have twenty-one active pills and seven inactive ones. Some products may also contain twenty-four active pills and four inactive ones. If you take the inactive tablets, bleeding will happen once every month.
  • Extended cycle: Extended cycle packs of birth control pills contain eighty-four active tablets and seven inactive ones. Bleeding mostly occurs four times every year, but only when you take inactive pills. You may also choose to stick to active formulations only if you want to eliminate bleeding entirely.

Categorizing combination pills

Medical experts and pharmacists further categorize combination birth control medicines based on whether the hormone dosage value in the active tablets stays the same or differs.

  • Monophasic pills: In this particular type of combination birth control medicine, each active tablet contains equal amounts of progestin and estrogen.
  • Multiphasic pills: In multiphasic combination birth control pills, the hormone content in every active tablet differs in terms of amount.

Almost all the combination birth control pills available today contain about 10 to 35 micrograms of Ethinyl estradiol – a specific type of estrogen. Some women are more sensitive to hormones than others. If you’re one of them, you’ll benefit from taking a medicine containing a dose of estrogen on the lower end of the range mentioned here. Then again, low-dose pills can contribute to breakthrough bleeding.

Final words: If you need Birth Control Medication, products like Ovral-G and Yasmin Tablet Generic should do the trick. However, you have to choose your medication according to the information provided here. You should also consider visiting your general physician or gynecologist first. They can help you make the right choice. If you require more data on combination and minipill birth control drugs, just use the internet.