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What are the healthy lifestyles after pandemic?

What are the healthy lifestyles after pandemic?

The advent of the Novel Corona Virus has changed the face of the world as a whole. Every aspect of modern life has undergone a massive change. Business, education, travel, industry, economy, social behavior – almost everything we did before the emergence of COVID-19, has been altered in the current times. The unprecedented changes have attained the form of ‘the new normal’ providing new guidelines for the world as a whole.

Immunity is of utmost importance

Various reports have been released from time to time talking about the infection rate and pattern of this new virus. If the people across the world are not aptly cautious, the community spread can emerge as a potential threat. To fight this threat building your own immunity system as a defense mechanism is the only way possible. A lot of discussion has been done regarding ways to boost immunity system. Let us take a look at them.

Eat well

Nutrition is of paramount importance now. This is true for all age groups. Our regular diet must consist of all the nutrients like protein, zinc, vitamin C, etc. This is exactly why you must eat well and a properly balanced diet. Your meals must consist of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, healthy fats, etc. Ensure that your child is having a proper diet. Making children eat healthy is probably one of the biggest challenges we face.

Daily exercise

Along with eating right you must have an active lifestyle. This is exactly why you must indulge in some form of workout on a daily basis. Active working out improves your blood circulation, enhances your core strength and definitely boosts your immune systems. However try to stay away from places like gyms and community pools as these places can attract crowd. Walking on evenings and mornings can be a great way of regular exercising.

Proper rest

When you can couple the habits of eating well and regular exercising with that of a schedule of ample rest, is when you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Often balancing work and rest ca become a challenge. This is all the more so in the recent times when managing work-from-home and other domestic chores have emerged as an added challenge. Yet your daily 7 to 8 hours of sleep is something you cannot forego. Also leisure is very important.

Mental peace

This is one of the biggest challenges we face. In current times when so much is unknown and yet being explored mental peace is difficult to find. Maintaining an ambience of peace and solidarity at home amongst family members is really important now. Remember your external social life has definitely taken a backseat and is not likely to get revitalized very soon. So a peaceful family life is something that can help you overcome your constant anxiety.

Social distancing

Yes vaccines have arrived. However that does not mean that the calamity is all over. Different and new strains of the virus are emerging in various parts of the world, only to travel to the other parts through the globalized population. Hence even now when you step out of your house, for whatever reason, maintaining social distancing is a must. This has become one of the most important preventive hygiene measures in the present times.

Mask your face

Preventive measures that can keep you safe from the virus are definitely considered to be a part of a healthy lifestyle I the current times. Wearing a mask whenever you are out in the public amidst a crowd is one such measure. This is applicable for all age groups, even if you have had your two vaccines.

Hand hygiene

Similarly observing proper hand hygiene is of utmost importance. Infected hand is one of the most common ways through which this virus can spread amongst healthy people. Hence using hand sanitizers and washing hands with soap and water is a great defense mechanism against the disease. It can boost a healthy lifestyle in present times.

Read more worry less

Instead of worrying more it is imperative we read more. There is a lot of information in the web regarding the disease. Although some happens to be mere rumors but reading more on the topic can make us better aware of the situation and help us to worry less. This can help us be better prepared and life a better and healthier life.