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Truths And Myths About Breast Cancer

Truths And Myths About Breast Cancer

A lot of people claim they know what breast cancer is all about. However, only those who experience it directly or indirectly are aware of how perilous it can be. If you never had to put up with this condition personally, you should consider yourself fortunate. To be able to contemplate this condition, you need to separate the facts from the myths and vice versa. In that regard, this topic will shed some light on the particulars.


  • Getting examined every month: Folks believe that it’s possible to save lives by self-examining the breasts every month. Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a myth. At least, up until now, medical researchers and doctors have no proof that these self-examination methods work. You can prod your breast as much as you like in search of a lump, but it won’t work. In fact, monthly tests can elevate anxiety and cause other problems.


  • Declining mortality rates: The death rates from breast cancer didn’t change much between 1930 and 1989. However, the rates decreased cumulatively between 1989 and 2018 by 41%. Today, you can Buy Breast Cancer Drugs Online from stores like SafeCanadaPharmacy. Products like the Nolvadex Tablet and Megace Tablet have been reducing the mortality rate consistently. Apart from these medicines, technological enhancements in healthcare services have also been improving mortality rates.


  • Breast cancer is the same for all: Here’s another myth – breast cancer is the same in every woman. In reality, different women suffer from various types of breast cancer. The conditions they experience are unique in multiple ways. The disease characteristics can differ in the following ways.


  • The stage
  • The grade and size of the tumor
  • The involvement of lymph nodes
  • Hormone receptor positivity or negativity
  • HER2/neu negative or positive


  1. Not preventable: Even with all the advancements in the field of medical science, breast cancer is unpreventable. It’s the truth, and you have to accept it. Medical researchers are aware of a few factors contributing to this condition. The problem, however, is that they’re uncontrollable. These factors include family and personal history of breast cancer, age, genetic factors, menstrual period, menopause, breast density, etc. If you Buy Generic Breast Cancer Medication from Canada, you can reduce the risks of suffering from this condition.


  • Family history: People with a family history of breast cancer will inevitably suffer from it – this statement is a misconception. According to medical researchers, only 15% to 20% of women diagnosed with this problem have a family history. Also, less than 10% have a recognized gene mutation that increases the risks. In short, you shouldn’t panic if one or more of your blood relatives have breast cancer.


Final words

Yes, it’s somewhat difficult for a woman to speak up about breast cancer. Then again, conversations can put you on the path of recuperation. Besides, it’s the 21st century. The world has become more open-minded than it ever was. If you can save your life or someone else’s just by initiation a conversation, why would you avoid it? Consider contacting an oncologist if you believe you may suffer from this condition.