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How the pandemic has changed our sex lives

How the pandemic has changed our sex lives

Do you know that sex or sexual intercourse is extremely beneficial for your health? Gone are the days when sex was considered as a taboo world wide. These days, people are ready to talk about sex and its benefits in their day to day lives. Sex plays an important role in the life of couple. Not only this, but sexual acts are beneficial for your immune system, healthy uterus etc. Sex can improve the bladder control among women as well. It keeps your blood pressure under check and lowers the risk of heart attack as well. Many doctors consider sex as equivalent to exercise. 

How is the pandemic changing sex lives of people?

During the first few months of the corona pandemic, the world got to see a new baby boom. Clearly, the couples used the free time during the world wide lockdown to improve their relationship through good sexual activities. But, during the later half of the pandemic, there were reports about high rates of breakups and divorces. So, what actually happened? Let’s take a look at the data.

  • According to reports, people between the age range of 18 and 35 were reporting low sexual interest, trouble in orgasm and so on. Couples having children or senior parents at home did not get much opportunity to engage in intercourse or other sexual activities. Couples who are in long distance relationship did not get chance to stay together and have sex during the entire pandemic. These things have affected the sex lives of people worldwide.

  • People often speculate that there would be a baby boom when there is a great storm demanding everyone to stay at home for a few months. But, this is not the case. There is always a libido killing stress induced due to the corona pandemic. Not only this, but also the couple who don’t want child use highly effective contraceptives while having sex. These two factors clearly state that the birth rate will increase to some extent, but there won’t be any baby boom.

  • According to data, the pandemic has taught people how to communicate more with their partners. Such clear communication has helped them to understand each other’s emotions better, thereby contributing to mend their relationships. These days, the couples are communicating about their sexual desires from partners and sexual problems they are facing. As a result, they are getting the chance to work on their issues.

  • Believe it or not, the pandemic has pushed many singles world wide to explore sexual toys. To get out of their boredom and loneliness many singles are using such toys to have an orgasm. This type of activity has provided satisfaction to many. Not only singles, but couples are also exploring various sex toys, lubes and kinks. According to reports, they are trying new positions and new places as well to have sex. All these things indicate that people had passionate sex during the lockdown phase of corona pandemic. 

  • Another thing, in the post corona pandemic era, online dating is on rise. Those who are singles have felt the need of a partner in their lives and that is why they are sincerely considering dating online. These are great for eliminating loneliness from lives. 

What are the sexual problems faced by people?

The sexual problems are different for both men and women. The men generally suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed libido and so on. For ED, you can Buy Generic Erectile Dysfunction Medication from Canada online pharmacies. Like men, women suffer from lack of arousal, problems with vaginal opening, anorgasmia, vaginismus, dyspareunia and so on. You should know that both men and women go through lack of desire or low libido. During the pandemic, people worldwide faced these issues. Only a few of them turned to qualified doctors with these issues. 

To get out of these sex related problems, you need to take right medicines. Men can Buy Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Online any time. Both men and women can use cernos gel, Levitra oral jelly, priligy tablet, revatio medication etc. if they want a good sex life. These days, all the online pharmacies are keeping Cialis 40mg Tablet, Cialis Oral Jelly, Dapoxil 100/60mg Tablet, Levitra Oral Jelly in their stock to boost the libido of mainly men and women. If none of these works, men are always allowed to use Viagra chewable tablets for their long-lasting erection and of course a great sex life. 

So, in a nutshell, the sex lives have been hampered for some couples having child and senior citizens at their home. But, for many the sex lives have been improved amidst the pandemic of corona virus. So, in the post corona virus pandemic era, if you suffer from any sexual problem, consult with a doctor as early as possible and take the right medicines. These medicines from the online pharmacy will start showing results in a week or so. It is suggested to all the couples and singles, that sex is essential for your body and don’t shy away from having sex.