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How air quality and lung health matters during covid 19?

How air quality and lung health matters during covid 19?

AQI (Air Quality Index) is an EPA index by which the air quality can be measured. In accordance with the parameter, the higher the Air Quality Index value, the higher the scale of pollution; thus, the higher risk of health. Throughout 2019-20, the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) emerged worldwide. The nCoV mainly affects the human’s respiratory system and lessen the lung’s functionality to give the oxygen that is required to the body. 

Lung Health during Covid 19:

According to medical surveys, daily, an adult person breathes in & out 11K lit of O2. When our surrounding air consists of dangerous gases like Nitrogen, Carbon Mono-Oxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, or Carbon Di-Oxide, then the air considered harmful. As you breadth, lethal substances can affect your lung. As a result, your body may face significant issues with the respiratory system, lung. So, controlling pollution is essential to save yourself from any uncertain event.

nCoV is the contagious virus, causes ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is also a contagious and easily spreadable disease. In accordance with the World Bank research, fatalities have been raised by 5.7%. This syndrome severely affects the lung’s health, so you need to be more cautious about your lung health. People, who have been suffering from lung illness such as Pneumonia, COPD, Asthma, etc., could show severe result if they are affected by Coronavirus.

How to maintain good lung health?

Some habits can reduce your lung’s ability; those habits are Alcohol consumption, Smoking or Using any Tobacco Products. So, try to avoid this kind of habits. Plus, wear a mask all the time when you are outside your home. Masks can protect you from inhaling harmful substances.

Follow the government Covid-19 guidance; don’t go out if there is no necessary work. Maintain social distance, and avoid gathering. Plus, breathing exercise can give you benefits for maintaining good lung health.