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Fertility Injection – Increase The Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

Fertility Injection – Increase The Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is something you can use to treat infertility issues. It works on both men and women and can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. While HCG is available for sale in online pharmacies these days, it’s worth mentioning here that the drug will only work when combined with assisted reproductive technology or ART. Doctors can also combine the same with in-vitro fertilization or IVF cycle.

What it does

The specialty of this hormone-based injection is that you can use it as a means to trigger the maturation and ovulation of the oocyte or egg in the female body. Conversely, in men, it can increase testosterone levels. As a result, the sperm-count value of the patient increases. In other words, getting injected with HCG may increase a couple’s chances of conceiving. HCG also resembles another glycoprotein-based hormone or LH or luteinizing hormone. LH initiates ovulation in females and enhances testosterone production in males. That’s why LG is useful in treating fertility issues affecting both sexes.

How it works in women

Doctors administer Corion, Hucog, or HCG Ovidac Injection in women to stimulate the process of ovulation as part of an ART protocol. Medical specialists use the term “trigger shot” to describe this medication because it triggers ovulation within the next 36 hours of injecting. HCG helps in maturing the eggs. Sooner or later, they get ready for fertilization. People who opt for IVF, on the other hand, receive a shot of HCG. It helps in maturing the eggs, just as it does in ART. Once the egg matures, the doctors send it to the lab to fertilize the same. HCG is effective in IVF, as well as IUI. Doctors inject this substance in patients willing to try several types of infertility treatments. However, all these treatment methods have exclusive success rates.

How it works in men

In men, HCG replicates the effects of LH – a hormone with the power to increase testosterone levels. Everyone knows that testosterone plays a crucial role in the production of sperms. Therefore, doctors often resort to treating infertility issues in men by administering HCG to increase testosterone levels. The method of using HCG is particularly beneficial for males suffering from hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. It’s a condition that prevents the body from producing enough sex hormones. Medical researchers have evidence to prove that this drug can help men with HH conceive as it increases sperm cells in about 25% of all the participants. Then again, no one can say whether it’ll lead to conception followed by live birth or not.

Side effects

You can check the HCG Injection Price at an online pharmacy like Safe Canada Pharmacy. However, if you’re thinking about side effects, then you shouldn’t. Medical specialists say that this medicine is perfectly safe and effective as a fertility booster. The side effects of HCG are almost non-existent, except for the pain you’ll experience at the injection site. Again, it depends on the tolerance levels of the person taking it.